13th - 15th December 2022, Dubai World Trade Centre


Dubai is back to Business

Dubai is now open to welcome tourists and businesses from across the world. UAE has successfully reopened almost all major facets of its economy. The Government has implemented several safety practices for international travelers, setting high standards for the new normal.

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Tourist Guidelines

The government announced new protocols and conditions for citizens, residents and tourists travelling into or out of Dubai Airports.
There is a detailed guideline shared by the Dubai Media Office that one should refer in order to follow the necessary discipline.


Visitor Safety Guidelines for Events

Dubai World Trade Centre, our venue for the event has placed a set of guidelines so that everyone can attend the event and maintain safety standards as well.

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18 Years of successfully helping thousands of international organic businesses find new markets.

This is our first time exhibiting at atrade show in Dubai. This is a niche trade show, so buyers come here looking for natural products. It has been a great experience for us -we have met several retailers and distributors from the Middle east [at the expo] - Lulu, Al Madina. Fathima Supermarket, etc.


CEO of Doluvo Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Pavilion

I think there’s huge potential for organic market expansion- there’s a great base of people from all over that are well educated and have the means to buy organic. It’s a great market and it has a lot of potential. I think expo’s such as this are very important to get buyers out to meet suppliers.  


Board President of the Organic Trade Association, USA

We saw a very high trend of organic products appearing in Dubai, especially from the past 2-3 years. We met a lot of buyers, and had a lot of pre-scheduled meetings, and if only 20% of the people that say they’re interested in distributing my products comes through, I am a lucky man and I have a good business.


Director of LusoTrade, UAE

I came here to meet my existing suppliers, and because we are interested in sourcing new brands and products from the field of skin and personal care. I am happy to say that we met some interesting companies and hope that it will go further. You will see me next year at the event.


Director of SoPritti Global

We have seen exhibitors from different countries, and this show’s growth over the past few years can be taken as a good sign, and I hope that this exhibition will only grow in the future. We have managed to source some items that were quite interesting.


Owner of Midway Middle East

We assumed that most of the visitors would be people based here in Dubai, but I had a meeting with a gentleman from Sudan whose was able to use ArabianOrganics to tap in and access us. His interest in our products was bought to my attention because of the portal.


Owner of House of Prempeh, Ghana

I think this is a very good networking platform for organic sellers. ArabianOrganics is also a great platform- you need not go to any other places; it is all in one place for wholesale. We have sourced from the Organic Expo Dubai last year from two companies, and are eyeing three this year. I would advice all organic startups to...


Founder & CEO of FarmChimp, Dubai