18-20 November 2018
Dubai World Trade Centre

Organic & Natural
Industry Conference

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The Organic and Natural Industry Conference aims to make the organic industry more accessible.

Industry experts will be sharing their knowledge across the sector, providing a valuable opportunity to learn from the best across November 18 and 19, 2018.

Presented in partnership with Organic & Natural, and under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, The Organic and Natural Product Conference will give individuals and businesses a level of industry access never before seen in the Middle Eastern region.

Attend Free

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Receive assistance in reaching your personal and business goals.


Be one of the first people to witness the latest innovations.


Optimum networking event.


Discover the latest & innovative industry techniques.


Learn from and collaborate with leading industry professionals.


Empowering women through Agribusiness.


Learn latest online retail trends & opportunities.

Why Attend

The Organic and Natural Product Conference provides attendees with the opportunity to collaborate with, and learn from, key players in the organic industry.

A wealth of knowledge will be conveyed to the public across two days, allowing those who are interested in the industry to learn from the best.

Attendees can tailor their schedules to suit what they want to get out of the conference and workshops will be provided to allow visitors to further grow their proficiency in the sector.

Who should attend?

The Organic and Natural Product Conference is open to anyone interested in learning about the industry.

Those who would like to switch to a more natural lifestyle or begin their career in the sector will be most benefited but there is something for everyone.

Attend Free


Elena Kinane

Elena is the founder of Greenheart Organic Farms. She has always been passionate about Organic farming and leading a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. The Greenheart farm is located in the Emirate of Sharjah and the farm shop is in Arjan, Al Barsha South. Greenheart offers UAE-wide home delivery of over 800 different cherry-picked products and freshly harvested organic vegetables, greens and fruit.

Abiola Desalu

Abiola Desalu is the CEO of Modara Limited and the owner of Modara Natural Skincare, a luxurious natural and organic skincare brand launched in 2015. She is passionate about creating beautiful skincare products from African Sourced natural ingredients such as, shea butter, black soap and coconut oil.

AWEP/ El Agbe - Comfort Adjahoe

Mrs. Adjahoe-Jennings is the founder of the Network of African Women Entrepreneurs NGO and the President of AWEP, Ghana Chapter. She is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ele Agbe Company Ltd, a Shea butter and local beads jewellery production and export company in Ghana.

Ms. Shari-Julianne Hammond

Shari-Julianne Hammond is an international development professional with over seven years of experience in international organisations, ranging from UNESCO to the Jamaican Broadcasting Commission, the Australian High Commission in Ghana, and Libraries without Borders in France. In her current role with the International Trade Centre

Mustafa Koita - Koita Milk

Entrepreneur Mustafa Y. Koita is founder and CEO of Koita Foods. He founded the organic food company in 2013 with a mission to make healthy food more accessible for families in the MENASA (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia) region, a vision that is now set to take the homegrown FMCG brand global in other markets. Today, Koita Foods is sold in 1,000+ retailers across MENASA and other emerging markets with revenue continuing to grow thanks to a buoyant organic, lactose free and non-dairy milk markets.

Darren Dean William Clare

Darren Rankin is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. He helps people feel more energized, healthy and in control of their lives. He guides people on their own personal nutrition journey towards health. He holds two world-renowned credentials as is a Functional Movement Specialist. He believes that food is more than just fuel or our bodies, it is information and tells our cells what to do.

Organic Food & Beverage Round Table

Peter Lonsdale will be moderating a roundtable discussion between Mubarak Kozhikkal from Organic Planet, Rahul Gupta from Agrovilla and Davina Shah from Goods Collective. Each participant will be representing their organisation’s views on organic foods and beverages and the associated industry.

Dr. Hanan Selim

Dr. Hanan is known as “the pharmacist of the future” because she uses a revolutionary, scientific evidence-based, cutting-edge system called the “RPH Method Pro” (program) that dispenses “lifestyle prescriptions” that have nothing to do with drugs or pills and all to do with Holistic Health Hacks. She blasts the root cause with natural prescriptions unleashing rapid fat loss, incredible health and superhuman performance, the subtitle to her new book “Second Chances”.

Shalini Arora

Shalini Arora is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Qualified Professional Natural Health Counsellor. After having completed Natural Health education and having successfully come out of Hypothyroidism, she began noticing much more and realized how many people are suffering with physical ailments and unawareness of their own selves. Now she helps others to overcome their difficulties.

Mitun Desarkar

Mitun De Sarkar is a renowned Dubai based Clinical Dietitian with over 16 years of professional experience in the field of weight management and providing health food. She is the founder of Simply Healthy Foods, a diet meal delivery service based in the U.A.E which has helped many people reach their goals of weight management & life style. She specializes in areas of weight management, diabetes, women’s hormonal health, cardiovascular health , food intolerances, digestive wellness , pregnancy and fending off the aging process.

Mubarak Kozhikkal

Mubarak Kozhikkal is the Founder and CEO at Bab al Noor Medical Services & Organic Planet! He is a recently turned as entrepreneur after 22 years of a tenure within Pharma and healthcare industry. He has a diversified experience in various positions spreads across reputable multinational Pharmaceutical companies , Lundbeck ( Denmark)and Glaxo SmithKline( UK) as well as Dubai based large organisations like Super care and Dulsco operating in healthcare sector.

Gulnaz Nejmi

Founded by the talented Nejmi twins, Gül&Naz is an eclectic Dubai-based style and image house that began as a teenage hobby back in 1996. Over the years the artistic duo have come a long way from styling their classmates and have succeeded in developing an impressive repertoire of products and services. Today, the company has grown into a one-stop shop for cosmetics, bridal, style, design and beauty consultancy. They are beauty experts in the region for many years now, and have also delved into using organic and natural products.

Ryan Ingram - TerraLoop FZE

Ryan Ingram is the founder of TerraLoop FZE. He studied Nature Conservation and started his career in South Africa, where he grew up camping, fishing, hiking and bird watching. Being exposed to the wasteful nature of the hospitality industry and shocked by the volume of food that is wasted, he began to explore possible solutions. That lead to him founding TerraLoop - The Middle East’s first Food Loss and Waste Consultancy that helps companies in the Food Service Sector reduce their food waste, save on food cost, haulage fees and mitigate carbon emissions.

Mazen Al Rafae

Mazen Al Rafae is the director of sales and marketing at Mawasim Organic. He has 21 Progressive years in FMCG Sales & Marketing in the UAE with a successful background, and A pioneer in the organic movement, opening the first organic supermarket in the middle east, and establishing a supply chain for HOERCA & retail organic products. He has an excellent background in food & beverages ingredients, distribution and brand development.

Davina Shah

Davina Shah is the founder of The Goods Collective & Co. Born in the UK, and three years into working with London’s top hospitals and major pharmacies, she revealed a desire to fight the increasing prevalence if nutrition related disorders. She realized it was time to align her passion to her business roots. She followed her vision and founded TGC&CO at a tender age of 25 in the UAE. The Goods Collective & Co: is a health food distribution company with the aim of revolutionising the availability of health foods in the Middle East by sourcing and representing unique, innovative, healthy and yet tasty foods.

Manu Mahdi

Manu Mahdi’s passion for trying out bizzare cuisine and his quest for helping people make better food choices have been instrumental in the formation of Organic & Real.com. Prior to O&R, Manu had a successful corporate stint spanning 16 years. A consumer electronics professional, he has worked with corporate giants, before finally taking over the reins of Al Rashidiyah Pvt Polyclinic, a leading reputed medical centre providing healthcare since 1988, and owned by his family

Nazgul Nejmi

Leena Amir Fadl Abbas Alabbas

Leena Al Abbas is the Founder and CEO of eco-friendly salon The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge. Leena gained invaluable experience from various marketing positions in numerous multinational companies and Government organisations. Her vast experience stood her in good stead when she decided to follow the entrepreneurial dream of establishing her own business in 2010. With much determination, passion and the drive to succeed, The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge was born – the UAE’s first organic and vegan ladies salon

Shirley Ann Conlon

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10:00 to 11:00

Raw Energy on the Go

Sunny Side of You – Shalini Arora
SuperSteps Health Coaching – Darren Rankin

11:00 to 12:00
Panel Discussion 1  Organic Beauty – Trends and Opportunities in ME
Moderator – Claudia De Brito
Shirley Conlon Organics – Shirley Conlon Organic Glow Beauty Lounge – Leena Abbas
Gul and Naz Beauty – Gulnaz
12:00 to 13:00
Workshop 2  -Visualizing the Invisible Workshop-In-A-Box, personal accelerator 
Visoul (Innovation Labs) – Osama Natto
13:00 to 14:00
Keeping It Real! Why Organic Matters. 
Simply Health Diet – Mitun De Sarkar
14:00 to 15:00
The World Goes Organic and Vegan, WHY?
Happy Evolution Global Association – Żaneta Geltz Redakcja
15:00 to 16:00
Engaging Community for Sustainable Development

Moderator – Mita Srinivasan
Dubai Silicon Oasis – Ameer Ahmed
Koita’s Milk – Mustafa Koita
TerraLoop FZE – Ryan Ingram

16:00 to 17:00
The Art and Science of Natural Healing
RPH Method Dubai – Dr. Hanan Selim

17:00 to 18:00

Modern and Natural Nutrition Health

Biotailor – Sujyot Sakhrani

10:00 to 11:00

IFOAM – Thomas Cierpka

Organic Agriculture and Food Security

11:00 to 12:00

Organic Guild – Eng. Riath Shnayien

How to Set-up an Organic Farm and Run it Profitably

12:00 to 13:00

Empowering Women Through Agribusiness

Moderator – Shari-Julianne Hammond

Dubai Export – Dr. Ashraf Mahate WEP/ Ele Agbe – Comfort Adjahoe Modara Naturals – Abiola Desalu, Global Shea Alliance – Prince Nunoo

13:00 to 14:00

Global Trends of Organic and Natural Products as it Pertains to the Wellness and Fitness Industry

Lacole Broadus

14:00 to 15:00

Organic F&B Roundtable

Moderator – Peter Lonsdale

Organic Planet – Mubarak Kozhikkal Agrovilla – Rahul Gupta
Goods Collective – Davina Shah
Midway Middle East – Katarina Gjosheva

15:00 to 16:00

Online Retail – Trends & Opportunities

Moderator – Clementina Kongslund

Organic & Real.com – Manu Mahdi Greenheart Organic Farms – Elena Kinane Mawasem Organic – Mazen Al Refae

16:00 to 17:00

Clean Healthy Home, Allergy prevention – Ecogenic

Clemens Blanke

17:00 to 18:00

Organic Sector in Romania in an European Context, Evolution and Prospects

Prof. Dr. Costin Liano


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