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Dubai World Trade Centre    |    18 – 20 November 2024

Dubai World Trade Centre  
18 – 20 November 2024

Queens Beauty Lounge is a salon and spa, inspired by pampering and treating every woman like royalty with a variety of natural and organic hair, nails and body treatments that nurture well-being from the inside and out. They pride themselves on being one of the leading natural and organic beauty lounges in the UAE, using non-toxic beauty products such as Shirley Conlon, YonKa and Nashi Argan in their treatments and offering an extensive range of over 260 services. Not to mention their highly trained beauty experts at Queens Beauty Lounge, paying close attention to every customer and providing exceptional results in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


We interviewed them to get find out more about the organic and natural beauty industry.


Why is using natural and organic products important in today’s day and age?

Organic is the way to the future and we work for quality not quantity. The Best gift we can give to our self is what we put/use on our skin and a good beauty routine doesn’t have to cost the earth but needs to be chosen wisely. Organic plant ingredients has been proven to effectively nourish the skin better than any other chemical counterpart. The key is to read the ingredients on each product before buying it and educating yourself about skincare, and this seems to be the only way to impart the correct knowledge of products and treatments we use in our spa. Organic and natural products will help us live a healthy life and our children deserve to inherit this from us.


What trends do you foresee in this space?

In my opinion more consumer are getting educated and aware of importance of organic products and they’re particular about a clean beauty regime. So, organic and natural products are predicted to be one of the ongoing trends and it’s the good news for the industry. We can’t fool our clients, they know exactly what they are getting for the money they pay. Our consumers want value for money.


From where do you source your products/ingredients? Which countries would you like to source more from?

We mainly use SHIRLEY CONLON ORGANIC which is made in UAE. It’s a luxurious skincare brand formulated with natural, organic, ethical and eco-friendly ingredients. They are all hand-made and free from synthetic and harmful ingredients that might irritate the skin, so it’s suitable for all skin types. I also believe in European and UK based organic products as they follow the highest standards and certifications when manufacturing products comparing to products from other countries. I’m also a fan of some Korean skincare brands that produce organic and natural products too.


What advice would you give to others to lead such a lifestyle?

My advice is to invest in the products you use on yourself, if there is anything you should be splurging on then it should be organic and natural products. Saving money on skincare or spending it on chemical or harmful ingredients will negatively affect your lifestyle and future. Lastly, Keep it simple, keep it easy, live organic and love yourself.


Interviewed by Menaka Ramakrishnan, Buyer Manager