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Dubai World Trade Centre    |    18 – 20 November 2024

Dubai World Trade Centre  
18 – 20 November 2024

In a region renowned for its opulent lifestyles and diverse culinary preferences, the Middle East’s organic and natural food market has emerged as a captivating playground for discerning consumers. In conversation with one of our top buyers for fresh produce, Sameer Shamsuddin, the Chief Operating Officer of Fresh Express, one of the prominent players in this thriving landscape, we delve into the intricacies of sourcing and supplying premium organic products in the region.

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International Sourcing for Exquisite Freshness

Fresh Express, a stalwart in the Middle East’s organic and natural product ecosystem, has mastered the art of curating a delectable assortment of produce from around the globe. Shamsuddin sheds light on their sourcing strategy, “We’ve established strong connections with South Africa and Spain for our fruits and vegetables. These regions have proven to be a veritable treasure of freshness and juiciness, which resonates profoundly with our clientele and we’re always open to introducing more range and varieties from these countries.”

Dubai’s cosmopolitan environment, brimming with individuals seeking unique culinary experiences, provides a fertile ground for premium products. Shamsuddin underscores this point, “Dubai’s diverse population, characterized by an elite taste and disposable incomes, willingly invests in superior quality. They perceive value beyond the price tag, placing a premium on the authenticity and distinctiveness of the products they consume.”



Delighting in Greek Yogurt and Seafaring Delicacies

Fresh Express doesn’t just stop at produce; their dairy and seafood selections are equally captivating. Shamsuddin shares, “Our Greek yogurt range, sourced from Greece, has taken the market by storm. The demand for its exquisite taste and remarkable health benefits transcends Middle Eastern borders, resonating on a global scale. We’ve crafted an array of dairy products from this base, capitalizing on its unparalleled popularity.”

When it comes to seafood, Fresh Express sources most of their products from Norway. Shamsuddin highlights, “Our seafood imports, featuring Norway’s renowned salmon, have garnered immense appreciation. Dubai’s culinary enthusiasts appreciate the finesse and distinction that such selections bring to their tables.”

A Culinary Landscape in Flux

Shamsuddin’s insights extend beyond the products themselves; he is a keen observer of the shifting culinary tides in the Middle East. “The Middle East is undergoing a culinary renaissance,” he remarks, “We’re not just witnessing infrastructure development; the evolving tastes of Emiratis and Asians are reshaping the gastronomic fabric. We’re investing on par with Europeans in our food choices, and the spotlight is squarely on the unique attributes – the flavor, texture, and presentation of products, it’s no longer just food; it’s an experience. If your product stands out, it’s bound to thrive and it is platforms like the Organic & Natural Products Expo that bridges these gaps between us and the exporters we’re looking to partner with!”