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The Role of Smart Farming Technologies in Agriculture

Top agritech leaders and aggregators in attendance

18 - 20 November, 2024

Forum Agenda

Innovative Agri-Tech Solutions:

Explore advanced technologies like precision agriculture and AI-driven solutions enhancing productivity and resource optimization in organic farming.

Adapting to Local Agro-Ecology:

Emphasize the importance of native plants and local climate understanding for sustainable organic farming practices in the Middle East.

Digital Farming in the Middle East:

Discuss the impact of digital solutions, such as farm management software and remote sensing, revolutionizing organic farming with real-time monitoring and predictive analytics.

New Techniques of Sustainable Farming:

Delve into innovative methods like hydroponics, vertical farming, drip irrigation, and aeroponics, promoting resource efficiency and year-round cultivation.

Future of Agriculture in the Middle East:

Explore emerging trends, biotechnology's role, and climate change's impact on organic farming, fostering a vision for sustainable agriculture in the region.

Meet the Panelists

Abbas Rizvi

Brand Director,
Mojo Flavours

Abbas Rizvi is a dynamic and accomplished professional serving as the Brand Director at Mojo Flavours, a renowned company specializing in the development of premium beverage premixes for both hot and cold drinks. With his extensive expertise and visionary leadership, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the brand and contributing to its success.

Tauland Hyka

Category Manager,
Chef Middle East

With over 8 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Tauland oversees the beverage portfolio of the leading foodservice distributor in the Middle East, serving the finest hotels, restaurants, and caterers across the region.

Pankaj Sajnani

Category Manager,

With 18 years of experience at Choithrams, Pankaj Sajnani is a seasoned Category Manager. His expertise in retail trends and product positioning has been pivotal to Choithrams’ success.

Rizwan Asim

Rizventures Consultancy

With a background in Supply Chain & Procurement within the F&B industry, Rizwan has embarked on a new venture, Rizventures, specializing in F&B and Retail-focused Supply Chain/Procurement Management Consultancy. In addition, he recently launched Frozen Flakes Cafe, a unique hybrid cafe concept that blends his passion for specialty coffee with over 30 luxurious gelato flavors.

Ali Husnain

Coffee Toolz ,
CEO & Founders

Ali, on a mission to revolutionize the coffee industry, has embarked on a new venture called Coffee Toolz. As an entrepreneur, he is committed to offering an extensive selection of top-tier coffee machines and cutting-edge gadgets, all designed to provide exceptional service. Ali’s passion lies in creating unforgettable coffee experiences and leaving a lasting positive footprint on the industry.

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