Vegan And Free From Products – A Revolution At Middle East’s Doorstep

It’s no secret that the Middle East is slowly but steadily becoming the new hotspot for vegans and free from products. 10% of the world’s population has switched to veganism as of September 2021, therefore, creating a spike in demand for vegan and free from products. We caught up with vegan experts from diverse backgrounds […]

Organic Expo Dubai announces expert committee to steer the Middle Eastern organic sector

  The Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo 2021 held under the patronage of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has announced its first Steering Committee, featuring distinguished leaders and diverse businesses that have been pioneers in implementing sustainability across consumer categories in the region. Shinu Pillai, the Exhibitions Director mentioned, “Given the […]

Natural Extracts are on the Way Up!

Natural extracts in the beauty industry have been steadily rising, and it’s only going up. We asked experts in the region about their opinion. The Middle East customers understand the global holistic approach of using natural products and are knowledgeable on all ingredients   “The Middle East customers understand the global holistic approach of using […]

Pet Parents Purchasing Organic and Natural Products for Their Furry Friends

The organic and natural pet product industry is on the rise as pet parents have realized the importance of sourcing the best for their pets. We asked experts in the region about their opinion. The demand for organic pet nutrition and truly natural pet care products in the Middle East is high and steadily increasing […]

2021 Organic and Natural Trends in the Middle East  

The Organic and Natural sector is skyrocketing in the Middle East as people are shifting towards a healthier lifestyle and are looking for alternatives for sustainable and ethical consumption. Investing in organic now means that future health bills will reduce, increasing the demand for these products.   Research says that hybrid events in the Middle […]

Middle East confirms remarkable capacity for trade through Virtual Events

UAE’s Organic Digital Trade Expo held on 30-31 March delivered the largest virtual gathering of the organic, natural and bio-industry in the region with 22,600+ attendees from 42 participating countries. The first edition of the virtual tri-series proved to be one of the pioneers in facilitating trade during these challenging times, just like the Expo […]


B2B sales have changed. It’s no longer as simple as waiting for prospects to come to you. Instead, you need to be proactive and find the channels & platforms where potential customers are and share relevant content with them that addresses their needs. You also need to ensure that marketing in the region of your […]

Gourmet, Savory Snacks on the Rise in the Middle East

The Middle East Organic and Natural Digital Trade Week for Gourmet, Savory Snacks, and Packaged Foods was yet another successful week. During a live webinar conducted at the time, several experts from the region gave their input on this sector. The global snacks market is 380 billion dollars, out of which 7 billion dollars is […]

High demand for immune-boosting and wellness supplements post-pandemic

The Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals Digital Trade Week had several successful transactions, RFQs and networking opportunities between buyers and suppliers of this sector. During the webinar at the week’s beginning, experts came together to discuss current trends and the future of the industry.   The global market value for this sector is projected to be […]

Vegan and Free-From Products to Grow Astronomically in the Region

The Organic and Natural Digital Trade Week for Vegan and Free-From products saw several RFQs and adept speakers. Let’s take a look at expert opinions from our live webinar session.    COVID-19 accelerated the trend of conscious consumption, especially with price and well being.   Monique Naval, senior analyst at Euromonitor International, the world’s leading […]