Organic Natural

18 – 20 November 2024 | 10am – 5pm
Dubai World Trade Centre

18 – 20 November 2024 | 10am – 5pm |  Dubai World Trade Centre




2022 December 13th – 15th,
10 AM – 5 PM


The Organic & Natural Products Expo has been bringing the business community together for the last 20 years through online platforms and at the annual face-to-face event in Dubai every December.

The Organic and Natural Conference, taking place across the 3 days will feature a combination of presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats on topics such as Organic and Natural Trends for 2023, Vegan, free from and plant-based products, clean beauty and natural cosmetics, Tea & Coffee, Honey, nutraceuticals, supplements & probiotics as well as Sustainable living and best environmental practices.   

The organic and natural conference is the only platform in the Middle East for distributors, retailers, HORECA experts, wholesalers, and exporters to come together and discuss the latest trends, updates on product certifications and labelling, export, and retail strategies and gain first hand insights into the region’s organic and natural market.

Do not miss this once-a-year opportunity to hear from the region’s leading organic and natural experts LIVE & UNFILTERED.



Organic Industry Conference


Workshops & Panel Discussions


Speakers & Industry Experts
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Why Attend ?

The Organic and Natural Conference brings together retailers, distributors, HORECA experts, wholesalers, re-exporters, from the following industries:
  • Food & Beverage
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Honey
  • Vegan, plant based and free from
  • Fresh produce
  • Superfoods
  • Dairy
  • Beauty, cosmetics, skincare, and haircare
  • Nutraceuticals, supplements & probiotics
  • Mom, baby & child
  • Sustainable living & environment
  • Organic & sustainable farming
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Who Should Attend?

Attend the Organic and Natural Conference 2022 to:

  • Discover the latest Organic and Natural trends in the Middle East and what the future holds for the sector
  • Hear from C-suite leaders from across the region speak about retail, distribution, and re-export strategies
  • Connect with exporters who’re keen on expanding into the Middle East to source unique products
  • Get an exclusive opportunity to network with organic and natural industry professionals across the globe to be a part of the organic community

Stay ahead of the market by predicting and debating upcoming product trends, innovation and unique insights into the future of the organic and natural industry

Key themes to be discussed

Organic and Natural Trends for 2023

Vegan, plant based and free from

Fresh Produce

Natural, raw honey


Halal economy and opportunities

Specialty Tea & Coffee
and beverages

Mom, baby & child

Organic dairy

Beauty, cosmetics, skin and haircare

Sustainable living & environment

Nutraceuticals, supplements and probiotics

Nutraceuticals, Supplements & Probiotics – Keeping up with the massive surge in demand

11:00 AM – 11:50 AM

With changing consumer preferences and attitudes, the nutraceuticals, supplements and probiotic sector is buzzing with action and is turning out to be a lucrative market to be in. In the year 2021, the supplements market was worth $16.61 billion, with an estimated CAGR of 6.24%, the market will be worth $22.49 billion over the next five years. With such a massive, forecasted growth, let’s deep dive into key trends and what’s driving this demand.

Prevention is certainly better than cure, helping millennials adopt a healthier lifestyle

Increasing health consciousness, the awareness of preventative healthcare and a renewed focus on wellbeing are just a few of the many reasons for the surge in demand. However, certain challenges do exist when it comes to price points, education, awareness, and misconceptions which leads to a dip in demand and ultimately slow growth of the category.

How can supplements, nutraceuticals and probiotics help MENA achieve its health and wellbeing targets?

  • Usage of vitamin, iron and magnesium supplements to manage, obesity & weight and prevention of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes
  • Dermo-cosmetic skin supplements to treat anti-aging, acne along with and other wellness supplements such as collagen
  • Growth of immunity boosters such vitamin C & D, for better wellbeing against future disease outbreaks and speedy recovery
Shivam Kataria

Shivam Kataria

VP, GMG Health & Beauty (Supercare)
Dr. Kunal Shah

Dr. Kunal Shah

Founder, Essenzaa Nutrition

Halal x Organic & Natural - Unravelling deep connections

12:00 PM – 12:50 PM

The Halal market is a fast-growing business niche composed of 1.8 billion Muslim people and 57 Muslim-majority countries and valued at more than 2 trillion dollars. It includes all sectors providing beneficial products to human beings and thereforeare Tayyeb, which is healthy and quality. Natural and organic productsare Halal by default in most cases, and for this reason, and despite needing the Halal certification to be marketed in the 57 OG countries, they are becoming so popular and in-demand among the Muslim’s consumers across the world.

An exclusive session in association with Halal Trade & Marketing Center (HTMC)

Middle East’s attitude towards halal-certified food and drinks are evolving rapidly, according to a Euromonitor survey, the top reasons for adopting a halal diet in the UAE are religious or faith (55%), makes me feel healthier (42%) and recommendation from family and friends (36%). Certain categories such as snacks and baked have an extremely low penetration rate and can be seen as a significant opportunity for expansion. With natural and organic products being by default halal in most cases..

How can natural and organic companies capitalise on the opportunities within the halal ecosystem?

  • Where does halal fall into a company’s GCC expansion plans? Importance, education of halal requirements before setting up shop in the Middle East
  • Identifying a credible authority for halal certification of products along with the label type to ensure transparency and
  • Exploring Dubai as a hub for halal trade and the scope for further expansion and re-export into the wider region
Tomas Guerrero

Tomas Guerrero

Director, Halal Trade & Marketing Center

Organic Farming – From farm to table

02:00 PM – 02:30 PM

Organic farming is taking off in the Middle East, what was once known to be sparse, and few is now plenty and growing. Organic farming is critical for the country’s food security ambitions and to ensure this a permaculture method of farming must be adopted across all organic farms. Minimal water requirement, human intervention along with foliar feeding can be used to create an organic ecosystem that can improve output year after year and enhance soil fertility.

Organic farming is here! Its MENA’s time to shine

As we all know, the Middle East has been reliant on imports for its population’s food needs. However, with the emergence of organic farms, that’s changing rapidly. With over 40 organic farms producing close to 60 products in the UAE alone, organic farming is here to stay and is revolutionising the way Middle East consumes its food.

Can the Middle East be self-reliant for its population’s food needs?

  • Focusing on water preservation through the promotion, adoption, and installation of modern irrigation systems to prevent flood irrigation
  • Leveraging new age agricultural technology such as nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, robotics, and AI to boost crop yield and reduce wastage
  • Charting a new frontier path to establish the Middle East as the new hotspot for commercial urban agriculture
Yazen Al Kodmani

Yazen Al Kodmani

Partner at 3Y Agtech & Deputy GM at Emirates Bio Farm

Starting up 101 – What not to do while starting up an organic and natural business?

02:50 PM – 03:40 PM

Small and Medium-time entrepreneurs are a lifeline for the local economy. Off late, UAE has seen massive growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses setting up shop, with a good majority of them dealing with Organic and Natural Products. The massive growth of organic and natural as a concept, being one of the key reasons. With UAE and the Middle East being increasingly bullish on the organic and natural segment coupled with food security, how can local businesses capitalise on shifting consumer attitude?

Founders and local entrepreneurs assemble!

If there’s one place in the Middle East where there is immense support to small businesses, it is the UAE. The government has been very proactive when it comes to promoting small time entrepreneurs and local businesses by offering the right incentives and guidance. However, despite the strong push, entrepreneurs still find it difficult to crack the code when it comes to starting on their own and dealing with organic and natural products. Let’s try and unravel a few trade secrets that are rarely spoken about.

What does it really take to crack the code?

  • Tailoring your distribution and retail strategies to through adequate market research, experience, and know-how
  • Retail or E-commerce? Niche or mass? What works well in the Middle East? Get your product fit right!
  • Breaking down marketing strategies– offline, social media or influencer marketing, where can you reach your consumer best?
  • Certification, product labelling and packaging, and all things legal, how important is it and why should you care?
Davina Shah

Davina Shah

Managing Director, The Goods Collective & Co
Aissaoui Mohamed

Aissaoui Mohamed​

CEO & Founder, Myfarmdubai

Soraya Jouzy

Soraya Jouzy

Founder/Head of Business Development Pearl Tree
Pooja Kautia

Pooja Kautia

Founder, Organiq Living

Mohamed Al Madfai

Mohamed Ali Al Madfai

CEO, Emirati Coffee Co.

Going the sustainable and eco-friendly way for a better future - Are you in?

04:00 PM – 04:50 PM

Sustainability has gone from being just a buzzword and a tick in the box, to an entirely new lifestyle and way of living. Numerous surveys have reiterated Middle East’s commitment towards sustainability. A big part of sustainable lifestyle is about using products that are eco-friendly, have sustainable ingredients, packaging etc. but there seems to be supply-demand mismatch with demand outnumbering supply. As retailers rush to cater to the rapid rise in demand, what products can help us achieve a better sustainable future for our planet?

Sustainable and eco-friendly products for day to day living, packaging and solutions make major inroads in the Middle East

A good 28% of Gen Z in the UAE believe that green products are better for the environment than other regular alternatives. This further reinstates that Middle East’s attitude towards sustainable living and environment is rapidly improving. A ban on single use plastic bags in the UAE has been the latest by the government, with an aim to move to eco-friendly packaging and reusable bags.

GCC goes the sustainable, green, and eco-friendly way. How can brands and companies capitalise?

  • The rise of sustainable and recycled fashion and the importance for brands to educate their target group
  • The impact of the ban on single use plastic leading to massive demand for sustainable eco-friendly packaging for HoReCa, retail and FMCG sectors
  • Shift in consumer demand towards clean natural products for their home, office and living spaces
  • Future upcoming trends and what to look out for brands when it comes to sustainability and the environment
Andy Cuthbert

Andy Cuthbert

General Manager, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel & Madinat Jumeirah Conferences & Events, Jumeirah Hospitality
Amruta Kshemakalyani

Amruta Kshemakalyani

Founder, Managing Director
Sustainability Advisor, Sustainability Tribe
Sukriti Verma

Sukriti Verma

Co-founder, Shift Eco