Natural boom in Nutraceuticals, Supplements & Natural Health in Gulf Markets!

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Nutraceuticals, supplements, and natural health have taken a rapid turn toward positive demand post-pandemic. Primary reasons for this revolve around immunity and boosting overall health. We asked the experts for their opinion. The pandemic increased the demand in the region  In an article on supplements earlier this year, Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Internal Medicine Specialist at Burjeel Specialty […]

TCAM Sector to Grow Exponentially in the Middle East

  Dr. Akshay Batra, vice chairman and managing director of Dr Batra’s™, the world’s largest chain of homoeopathic clinics with over 230 clinics and 84 franchises, shared his view as well, “Homeopathy is already the second-largest system of medicine in the world. The largest userbase is in India, whereas the largest in terms of value, […]