Vegan And Free From Products – A Revolution At Middle East’s Doorstep

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It’s no secret that the Middle East is slowly but steadily becoming the new hotspot for vegans and free from products. 10% of the world’s population has switched to veganism as of September 2021, therefore, creating a spike in demand for vegan and free from products. We caught up with vegan experts from diverse backgrounds […]

Natural Extracts are on the Way Up!

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Natural extracts in the beauty industry have been steadily rising, and it’s only going up. We asked experts in the region about their opinion. The Middle East customers understand the global holistic approach of using natural products and are knowledgeable on all ingredients   “The Middle East customers understand the global holistic approach of using […]

Natural boom in Nutraceuticals, Supplements & Natural Health in Gulf Markets!

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Nutraceuticals, supplements, and natural health have taken a rapid turn toward positive demand post-pandemic. Primary reasons for this revolve around immunity and boosting overall health. We asked the experts for their opinion. The pandemic increased the demand in the region  In an article on supplements earlier this year, Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Internal Medicine Specialist at Burjeel Specialty […]

Organic Fresh Produce has a strong presence, now more than ever before!

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  Opportunities for the Organic Fresh Produce Market in the Middle East The organic and natural Fresh Produce market is truly on the rise, with both local production and imports well underway. Here are snippets from our live session at the 2nd Organic and Natural Digital Expo with experts from the region and across the […]

HORECA segment in the Middle East aims to reduce carbon footprint and go organic

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At the 2nd Organic and Natural Digital Expo, 2021, we had an insightful and informative discussion on sustainable HORECA. Here’s what our experts had to say. It’s all about reducing the overall carbon footprint   “As a group, Accor Planet 21 commits to reducing carbon imprint and footprint in the world. As for Adagio, we […]

The Organic and Natural Ingredients and Spices Market Soars!

Held as a part of the Organic Digital Trade Week, an ongoing sister initiative to the Organic and Natural Products Expo, the Ingredients and Spices live webinar session showcased educational insights and market trends in the Middle East. The week was purposed towards connecting buyers from the region with global suppliers, facilitating multiple RFQs and […]