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13th - 15th December 2022, Dubai World Trade Centre

what’s on 2020


The largest gathering of bio functional food products, ranging from avocados and berries, to millets to ingredients such as gluten free and protein and fat based flours, etc. In a region that imports 70%-90% of its food needs, it’s time to grab your market share.


UAE’s first-ever live kitchen for health enthusiasts and fitness fanatics. International and local healthy food ingredients get a chance to put their best foot forward and engage and educate their audience through live cooking sessions. The ultimate place to win new clients by making your ingredients come to life in the hands of a master chef.


The fast growth of private labelling by local retail giants and Dubai emerging position as a global spurred the increased demand for everything from herbs, spices and flavors or scents and essentials oils.


The banning of food imports such as fruits, vegetables and meat pumped with chemicals, and a focus on high quality fresh produce has made this corner the best place to connect with regional buyers looking for fresh new suppliers.

Organic Industry Conference

The Organic industry conference held during the expo attracts experts and leaders in the organic industry from a myraid of market segments and engages the audience in knowledgeable discussions about relevent matters in the market.The 2019 expo saw an organic conference that covered a wide range of topics, with no less than 7 panel discussions with industry leaders that engaged the audience in topics as varied as organic beauty opportunities in the region, to the importance of engaging the community in sustainable development. All 20 sessions of the conference saw a high level of engagement from its audience; with a powerful discussion on empowering women through agribusinesses and experts passionately arguing about the trends in organic retail being the highlights.


TCAM Conference & Expo

The 2020 expo will see the Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Pavilion, created with an eye on the booming health industry, the three day expo for suppliers in the TCAM industry aims to provide business opportunities for manufacturers, herbal ingredient suppliers, and specialists from the fields of complementary medicines to a targeted audience of manufacturers, wellness specialists, and retailers from the Middle East and North Africa region who are on the lookout for new products and suppliers.


Tea & Coffee Expo

In a fast-growing industry, the expo provides a place for international suppliers to meet trade buyers in the region. With studies indicating that 55% of the population think there aren’t enough healthy options in stores – retail shelf space for organic products have gone up by by 60% in the last four years alone, and the flourishing nature of the region’s cafe industry points strongly toward continued market growth.


We assumed that most of the visitors would be people based here in Dubai, but I had a meeting with a gentleman from Sudan whose was able to use ArabianOrganics to tap in and access us. His interest in our products was bought to my attention because of the portal.


Owner of House of Prempeh, Ghana

I am here with a delegation of 14 women, and we just ended a panel discussion about women in agribusiness and their opportunities and challenges. For many of them it is their first time in the region, and they’ve gotten a lot of international exposure, experience and knowledge through this expo. We’ve had a very good experience!


National Coordinator for She Trades

I work at a clinic in Abu Dhabi and found the TCAM sessions to be very insightful. Even though doctors like me specialize in one field of alternative therapy, I learnt that you can merge Ayurveda, homeopathy and more to create a holistic treatment plan. Usually we only have allopathic conferences where we get our CME points, but this time...


Abu Dhabi Homeopathy Specialized Medical Centre

The trend in the tea market in the region is certainly going towards a more natural and organic approach. Dubai is a hub for tea distribution and the beverage market is growing more than 3.3% year on year. We are always looking out to source tea that is suitable for our brand


Tea Division, Choitrams and Sons LLC

I had a very productive time at the show, the ambience and overall feeling was great. As I am sourcing for MedX Pharmacy - we were looking for both nutrition and medicinal products. I have got in touch with three or four suppliers, as they had what I was looking for, and now we are in touch for business. I...


Procurement Manager of MedX Pharmacy


We personally invite and ensure the attendance of VIP buyers- decision making sourcing agents from the top retail, import, re-export and manufacturing companies in the Middle East. The 2019 show had a record 623 VIP buyers in attendance.